Bristle: "Where..."

OOOOOOOH I'm going to KEEEELLLLL YOUUUU....Yea, yea muthaf@#ka...show me whatcha made of!!! So I did. Here it is.
A flash in the pan of the Japanese Rock scene, but the most successful BiggBlasst release, Bristle's album was recorded in Hollywood's cavernous Boulevard Sound, mixed on some of Osaka's most lauded equipment, got top 10 airplay in Spain and Italy, and was featured on Japanese, Australian, and L.A. alternative radio after it's release. "Where..." combines Punk and Funk with upbeat, powerful, radio-friendly songs, plus brief stints into the deep twisted reaches of the band's bizarre minds. Before the mysterious strangulation death and subsequent reincarnation of the bass player, the band regularly slammed audiences throughout Western Japan's independent music venues. Oh well...the CD still kicks!


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from 'Natto'

Track listing:
Simple Things
Got My Stuff Done
Miss Disappointment
My Fokkin' Me
Can't Take It
To The Sky
Finally Found You

Noah Burton, Vocals; Akira Ichizono, Guitars and Backing Vocals; Cepo, Bass; Yoshihiro Kinoshita, Drums; Yumiko Takezoe, Rhythm Guitar
Produced by Noah