Jack Slam, "Rope"

For all intents and purposes, Japan's first (and hopefully last!) Grunge band. In a world where normal was considered OK, and amazing musicians often wear different costumes by day--and at night--There is JACK SLAM.
Way back in the early '90s in Osaka, while the only economically viable Rock required revamped songs from Sesame Street and fashion out of 1982, This power four-piece turned little night clubs into the insides of afterburners. At first nobody in the country knew what to do with them, and other independant acts made fun of them (and then ate their own livers later on) Slack Jam played so well, so hard, and so LOUD that anyone who ever saw them couldn't deny their power. The album is a testament of the Grunge era: pure, raging, poignant anthems. From the devastation of the 1991 Great Hanshin earthquake in "one7one" to the sick and twisted live version of "She Died Curled Up" to the made for radio "Deep Six", this album remains a milestone in Japan's and BiggBlasst's musical development.

da boyz

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from "Remedy"

Track listing:
Deep Six
Pond Life
Serial Killer
She Died Curled Up (live)
Happy Day
This Hole
plus bonus tracks on the limited Japanese release!

Pack Spam LIVE: Gabe wails while Ken picks a big 'un

Terry Allfrey, vocals; Gabe Whyel, guitar/backing vox; Toshifumi Kaji, Bass; Ken Moore, drums
Produced by Gabe Whyel