at Dubliners' Irish Pub, Osaka

This one got crazyway before the event. A month before, the sponsors and BiggBlasst get calls from the local Irish community (actually it was more like one guy) and the Irish Embassy in Tokyo...apparently there was a slight problem with the full-page ads in a few national magazines, which featured a leprechaun grabbing a pint and flashing two fingers. Now, the ad, designed by an American, supposedly was meant to imply 'two beers'. Apparently some of the more conservative of the international residents opposed the idea of such a gesture-- or the raucous all nighter that it implied--and threatened to BOYCOTT THE EVENT, so Guinness and Sapporo ran around the country pasting stickers over the offending hand on the back covers of every mag they could scrounge!
Live Music from Deirdre Cunningham and Celtic Samurai
DJs: Noah, John, Bobby and Matt

Guinness Girls!party!
noah-guidomore beer
Deirdre Cunninghamjoy

OOga--that was a lotta beer!
Big thanks to Tada-san, John and the great staff at Dubliners' Osaka, IDC, Guinness and Sapporo!