Jaume- El Primero

Now THIS is International: A guy with blonde hair and blue eyes from Sacramento writes an album in Japanese and Catalan (an ancient language spoken outside Barcelona), working with one of the best technical guitarists in Osaka, a superfunky bassist out of Chicago, an amazing trio of vocalists who have Funk, Jazz and Classical backgrounds, who put out an EP that ranges in style from Reggae to Rock to Acoustic.
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from "I've Been Bit"



Track listing:
I've Been Bit
FishHead Friday
Fushigina Kanojo
plus Bonus Tracks on Japanese Release!

da group

Jim Jensen, vocal; Hiroyoshi Fuyuki, guitar; Bobby Nunn, bass; Shunichi Matsumoto, drums; backing vocals: Davina Robinson, Karen Murphy, Miki Mori. Additional claps, snaps, bleeps & blaps by El Malo Mixemup.
Produced and arranged by Noah Burton.