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A few years ago in the ancient Japanese district of Kansai, there was a huge, unconnected group of people from all over the world who didn't know it, but NEEDED TO PARTY. At the time there were plenty of ragtag bands and DJs, playing old, tired cover songs or spinning records in clubs from 20 years back; but NOBODY went out, and NOBODY cared.


To alleviate the boredom, A guy from L.A. named Noah, after living in the Kobe area for a few years, decided to put together a couple of events called Party Naked, with a simple strategy: to lure people with cool promotion; put together a fun, entertaining, stimulating atmosphere; and fill the rooms with the best independent music around. Pavement was pounded. Posters were hung in taboo locations. People queued to get in at 9pm. The place went nuts, and BiggBlasst was born.


The parties went on. Every weekend, and some ultra-hip weekdays, a bit of culture sprang up in Western Japan as we featured some of the best local artists, DJs, musicians, bartenders, and partiers from around the world. After Kobe was destroyed by the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995, the area's favorite 'Gaijin' sons, Jack Slam, decided to take the incredible power generated by their live gigs and put together an album. With national distribution and the support of some key players in the Japanese music and art communities, BiggBlasst Records got started.


Today, BiggBlasst Records produces, distributes, manufactures and promotes several critically acclaimed album titles at all major retail outlets in Japan.(Tower, Virgin, HMV, Wave, Mikkigakki, etc.) We put together not only commercially successful but also critically acclaimed promotions and advertising with some of the world's most visible international firms. Minor Productions has galvanized a huge community in Western Japan, with events and festivals drawing thousands of people who know their music and settle for nothing but the best!

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