Osaka Grenades

'Osaka Grenades' Compilation

This is pretty much the album that started it all. When all the Kansai Grungers and Avant-Geeerd were complaining that nobody would sign them back in '96, BiggBlasst decided to take the bold move and invest some time and capital in the local scene that everyone loved and worked so hard to make. hey-- we just wanted to put together a couple cool shows to alleviate the Mariah Carey!
The plan was simple: Gather the bands we work with, record the ones that couldn't do it themselves, and spread the word about the Kansai underground scene. Each band has 2 songs, (except for SOFT's 14-minute thunderstorm) and this CD should serve as a time capsule for a sound and mood that was arguably one of the best in all Clubdom at the time. At the release party, ALL the bands played, and even though people's ears were bleeding, they were STILL DANCING AND SMILING! So where are all these people now? Most are still swimming around together in a pool of their own testosterone and liquid ego, BUT HEY-- we tried, and it's still a damn fine compilation.

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from "Ouish" by The Laugh

from "Torii/Grey Gate of the Kingdom" by SOFT

Track listing:
Can Opener
The New Punk Song/Tripod Jimmy
No More/Baggage
Cement/Jack Slam
Miss Disappointment
All I Wanna/Bristle
Tonight's The Eclipse, Mr. President
Ouish/The Laugh
No One To Replace You
Flamethrower/Mexican Pony
Torii-Grey Gate of the Kingdom/SOFT