golden monkey fist

The Catawampus Universe
Golden Monkey Fist

Supa dupa funky, cool, rockin rhythms and smooth tunes. Who would have thought that something THIS COOL would come out of Kentucky???! Hearing is believing, so click on the sample to see for yourself.


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from "Dream Deep Ojibwa"

Track listing:
Dream Deep Ojibwa
We The People
We The Dubble
Deeper Into The Blue
Still On The Edge Of Your Mind's Eye
Survival Instinct
Kabir's Dub
Time Of Death: 1:11 AM

Tripp Bratton: key, perc, vox; Steve Cherry: bass, perc: Joel 'Swimmy' Crisp: gui, vox; Dave '8000' Farris: dr, perc, entertainment; Tingo Lee Welch: dr, vox on "Survival Instinct"
Produced by Dave Barrick and the Cataverse